Supporting the Community

Heroes inc is based out of Victoria British Columbia. We do whatever we can to support the community! From visiting children at the Victoria General Hospital to supporting various local and charitable causes, Heroes Inc is everywhere!

Public Library Visits

We have been taken a month out of the year to drop by and read at the public libraries. Superman loves reading his favorite book "Plastic man!"

Putting smiles on kids and adults alike

Costumed fictional characters for everyone to enjoy! We are always seeking ways to get involved in the community and our philosophy is that a smile on the face is all that we are after.

A team for the public

Heroes inc is all about community. We do everything with a "no cash" model - we don't accept payment for what we do! We're glad to be a welcome addition to an already great community!

A growing club

With humble beginnings of 5 members, Heroes inc has recently crossed over and incredible 40 members! We are always looking for me people to join our family!

hand made costumes

All the members of heroes inc design and wear their own costumes! Everything has been either handmade or specifically choosen by the member wearing their suit! Very cool!

Tv, Movie, & Videogame?

Heroes inc was chosen for the group to allow for people to feel comfortable exploring different fictional character costumes! We don't restrict our members to playing strictly superheroes!